AGA-T was founded in 1996 in the center of Nagoya city in Japan. Without rigidly focusing on genre or period, our gallery has been exhibiting Japanese and European fine art. Each year, we organize over ten exhibitions at our gallery and another three to four in the gallery spaces of leading department store such as Mitsukoshi. It is always our goal to satisfy the needs of our clientele in Japan through our wide selection of works and active events.

In recent years, we concentrated on finding and showcasing young promising Japanese artists. While we try to encourage them to adopt a global perspective, we respect each one's sensibility and originality. Japanese contemporary art has enormous potential. Introducing these artists internationally and providing them with various opportunities are our upcoming challenges.

Yayoi Kusama

Tsuguharu Fujita

Andre Brasilier Bernard Buffet Bernard Cathelin
Jean-Pierre Cassigneul   Marie Laurencin Marc Chagall Salvador Dali
Louis Icart Joan Miro Pabro Picasso etc.  

Kanako Kojima is a young Japanese artist whose series of "stumps" have achieved great fame in Nagoya area.
My Planet
48.5 x 41
Mixed media
Music of light
55 x 33
India ink,
acrylic on boad
Smile at the sky
76.5 x 68.5
India ink,
acrylic on boad
Green Light
68.8 x 61.4
India ink
acrylic on paper
Snail Walk,75.5 x 63.5 Mixed media

As an international nihonga* artist, his works have been exhibited across the world. We present original works from his acclaimed "Waterfall" and "Falling Colors" series.

Falling Color, 2007
45.5 x 45.5
Falling Color, 2007
40.9 x 40.9
Morning Light
53 x 45.5
Waterfall, 2007 162.1 x 130.3

Known for being one of Senju's disciples, she is one of Japan's promising young nihonga* artists. We present original works from the popular "Microcosm" series.

Round Microcosm(Moonlight), 2006
85.4 x 100
Memory of water(Rose and Sky), 2006
85.4 x 100
Light + Water, 90.5 x 72.5
mineral pigment on paper
*Nihonga is the general term for traditional Japanese painting. Pigments (iwa-enogu) derived from natural minerals are applied on Japanese paper or silk with a brush and the help of animal glue (nikawa) and water. The technique is highly complex and difficult to master.
The twelve zodiac signs 34.5 x 48 calligraphy
Reve de petie roi
72.7 x 60.6 acrylic on canvas

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